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'A Taste of Christmas' Mini Tea Collection
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Gen Mai Cha - Popcorn Tea
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Gingerbread Chai
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Spiced Apple Fruit Infusion
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Tea Bauble - Individual
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The Countdown is On: New to Loose Lea? Start Here!

November 24, 2015

New to Loose Leaf? Start here! New To Loose Leaf Tea? Well, hello there! Loose leaf tea needn’t be complicated or scary; in fact it’s no more difficult than brewing a standard cuppa! Here are our five Top Tea Tips for getting into loose leaf tea! Sample, sample, sample!: The beauty of loose leaf tea is that you can buy almost any quantity. You don’t need to buy a big box of something if you’re not sure you’re going to like it. Purchase lots of small samples and explore as many different teas as possible. Start with teas that sound familiar and then branch out - you’ll soon learn what you like and what you don’t like! If you've ordered...

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INTRODUCING…. 2015 Advent Calendar of Tea.

July 11, 2015

INTRODUCING…. 2015 Advent Calendar of Tea: Okay, I know it’s only July, but here at Tea HQ we’ve been thinking about Christmas 2015 since, well, Boxing Day 2014! It’s a strange phenomenon, thinking a year in advance of a season, and it’s especially weird planning Christmas products for press events in the height of Summer, but that’s what our past few weeks have been about. Hopefully you’ll have started to see images of our 2015 Calendar floating around the PostTea socialsphere. We’ve been keeping pretty quiet about the design of this year’s calendar, but now there’s photos out there, I’ve decided it’s time to share a little bit about the changes to this year’s calendar and my thought process behind...

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