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New Spring Teas!

March 10, 2014

I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s delighted to see the start of Spring. A little bit less rain and a little bit more sun certainly does amazing things for the soul. For me, January and February were horrible months, and I’m certainly glad for March and the start of Spring.


March sees us introduce our new seasonal teas and infusions at PostTea, perfect for sipping in the sunshine! First, and here by popular demand, we have some lovely fresh chamomile flowers. Grown in the Nile River Delta in Egypt, these chamomile flowers are of the highest quality and are perfect for a caffeine free treat before bed. They carry a delicious, fruity smell and give a pale yellow liquor. Chamomile flowers are the perfect infusion for a calming, restful cuppa! Chamomile Infusions is offered as a 15 Cup Refill packet, weight of 30g. Best brewed at 100C, for 3-5 minutes depending on personal strength.


Seasonal tea number two is a blended black tea. Spring Spritzer is a blend of Ceylon, ginger pieces, dried pineapple pieces, lemongrass and sunflower petals. With predominant flavours of lemon and ginger this is a great tea for a mid morning zinger, something to really refresh your tastebuds. It’s also a great looking tea – the sunflower petals add a really lovely splash of colour, making it much more attractive than your usual black tea! This black tea is perfect served ‘straight’; without milk, but can carry a little sugar or honey if you wish! As this tea has a black tea base it does contain caffeine. Spring Spritzer is offered in a 15 Cup Refill packet.


Our final seasonal tea is a blended green tea, Strawberry Split. Flavoured with freeze dried strawberries and dried papaya, this green tea is refreshing and light, and can be served hot or cold. Made with a base of Japanese Sencha Green Tea, this tea is great post workout, or in the afternoon. I love this tea iced, made with some sprigs of mint. I’ll make sure to post a recipe when I’m happy with it! Served warm, this tea doesn’t need any additions, and is a great compliment to our range of green teas.

All these teas are listed online at with some delightful orange and yellow teawares, including our new FORLIFE teapots, suitable for loose leaf and bagged teas. And, if you use the code DAFFODILS you might just get 10% off everything on the website!!

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