Lemongrass Cooler - Iced Tea Recipe

June 19, 2014


We’re headed for another hot weekend, so I’ve been perfecting some of my iced tea recipes so I’m suitably hydrated in the summer. It’s not a myth, hot tea is good for us in the hot weather, but sometimes there’s nothing nicer than a long, cool glass of iced tea!

This tea is made with our lovely Balancing Infusion, a caffeine free blend of Lemongrass, ginger roots, peppermint leaves, black peppercorns, orange peel, and liquorice roots. However, any good lemon and ginger teabags will do!

Lemongrass Ice: to make one pint, or two small glasses.

  1. Fill a jug or mug half full of boiling water. Always try and use water fresh from the boil, and never reboil your water. Water is the main ingredient in tea, and bad water will make your tea taste funky!
  2. Using a tea filter or tea strainer, brew the Balancing infusion for 3-5 minutes; the longer the brew, the stronger the flavour.
  3. Once brewed, remove the strainer.
  4. (If you have time and patience, then you can leave the tea to cool before proceeding. This prevents the tea going cloudy when it is cooled quickly).
  5. Fill your glass with ice, add the lime wedges, and pour in a small amount of elderflower cordial. Then pour the strong tea over the top and mix together. The ice will melt if you use the hot tea mixture, and cool the tea as it does. Then add more ice to top up your glass.
  6. Enjoy in the sunshine with a good book, and maybe even an ice cream!


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