Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff; Why I’m Ditching the Diary

July 14, 2013

don't sweat the small stuffA few weeks ago I bough myself a new diary, to try and improve my organisation, to keep all my lists in one place, and to keep track of my appointments. Whilst the process should be uplifting, it’s getting me down. The endless to do lists are demoralising, and I get little satisfaction in ticking them off. What started as an exercise to be more intentional in how I spend my time, has become something that makes me stressed and anxious.

I’m going to turn this diary on it’s head a little, and use it to record the good things that happen in the day, the milestone business moments, the little things that don’t see important to any one else but mean something to me!

I hope when this diary runs out it will be a testament to all the things I have achieved this year, not all the things I’ve been stressing about.

Here’s to business with intention, and celebrating the small moments, as they quickly build to become the milestones! :)

PS – Don’t worry, I’ll stick track of appointments on my phone, I’m not giving up organisation altogether!

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