PostTea Update

April 24, 2013

Once again I’ve been pretty tardy on updating the blog, but I’ve had good reasons this time! It’s been a very productive 10 days here for PostTea, and I finally have products coming together, branding finished, and a website oh so nearly sorted.

So ten days ago I finally secured a small amount of funding for PostTea – enough to get the first round of stock which will a) give me something to sell, b) something to work on, and c) some sales figures for when I need a second round of funding :) (which, of course, I already have plans for!)

To be totally honest, the financials was the only thing that was holding me back, and so as soon as the money entered my bank account it was leaving again! I’d already decided what equipment I needed, and where I was getting stock from. Now these things have started to arrive, and it’s massively exciting!

First to arrive was the mug press – with finances pretty tight, I’m having to do a lot of in house design, which is great, but I’m not the most proficient on Illustrator  In fact, I’ve found this pretty awesome course to do on Skillshare. Led by Brad Woodard, Learn The Ins and Outs of Illustrator seems to be exactly what I need to do just to gain a little bit of confidence. At only $20 for the course, it was a bargin to start of with, then I got a 50% first course discount, and an additional 25% off that with a discount code from Ez’s Creature Comforts blog that I read every day! With the exchange rate that makes £5.07 for what is a highly recommended course by a great teacher. I really have nothing to lose!

The first mug out of the press

Having said I’m pretty rubbish with Illustrator I have managed to make a couple of designs and start to work out the Illustrator interface a little. That, coupled with the new sublimation printer, and mug press, gave me a couple of days of ‘play’ with the new equipment. It’s all pretty logical, and I can’t wait to start churning the designs out properly :)

Ordered shortly after was all the box contents – mainly the tea! I knew what tea I wanted to order, and that’s been done, and I’ve also ordered the loose leaf tea to make the boxes a bit more special –  I haven’t gone crazy here, because using loose leaf makes the tea more expensive, plus it means that it has to be weighed, repackaged, and rebranded. And of course, you can’t rely on everyone having a tea strainer at home either, so I’ve had to solve that problem. All done now, just waiting for the tea to turn up. I’m working on the branding for the (exceptionally cute) tea tins now – they’re looking great.

As well as tea, I’ve catered for the hot chocolate lovers. The chocolate sticks from Choc-O-Lait arrived today and I can’t wait to sample them later tonight. Again, this makes the box more expensive, but caters for a different audience. I’m not sure many of them will shift at this time of year, but I have them ready for the cooler seasons, and to be honest, who knows what the weather is up to in this country anyway?!

Choc-o-lait cubes.
Choc-o-lait cubes.

I’m also working on getting coffee sorted for the boxes too, although I’m finding this a little hard because I don’t drink coffee, and so don’t know where to even start. I’ve had a couple of emails to and from Alistair at Home Ground Coffee and I’d love to have him involved as his knowledge is incredible. We’ll just have to see how it all goes for now!

Other than that, I’m still looking for a casual sewist to take over some the mug hug construction (the mug hug drawer is woefully empty) – my wonderful friend Susie has offered to help, but I’d love to just get 300 made up ready for the launch. Any offers?! Honestly, it’s nothing more complicated than sewing a straight line and sewing a button so do get in touch if you’re interested!

I’m sorry it’s all a little engimatic still – but trust that the big reveal is only a few short weeks away! Hurrah!

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