We Kept Calm and Drink Tea – Nigel Pamenter

October 29, 2013

A few months ago I had the pleasure of twitter-meeting Nigel Pamenter, (@NigelPamenter) an OU English degree student and tea fanatic. He was incredibly supportive of my pop up adventures in Camberley, and on my first day in the shop he sent me a lovely email about how much he’d enjoyed the teas he’d ordered from me the week before. Attached to an email was also a poem that he’d written for his course, a love poem to something ‘not human’. As Nigel put it, “Unsurprisingly, I chose tea!!!  Tea has a fascinating social history, along with iconic status particularly from the war years, so I kind of infused the various imagery into an acrostic poem.” I’ve included Nigel’s poem below – please note this is all his work, and all credit is given to him.

Thanks for sharing, Nigel!

We Kept Calm and Drank Tea

Always at my service, always the butler,

Bringer of brimming majesty.

Cheering countess, cheerleading from the shelf you

Demand noble devotion from your subjects.

Every day, Earl Grey, elegantly peerless.

Foraging, fumbling, sleepy fingers grappling,

Grabbing for the gold caddy, happy happy

Heaven in my hands, how

I am servile to such sexy sinensis.

Joy do not confine, jump for joy that

Kings, Queens, Knaves, all in between

Lost not their heads to loose leaf but

Moved mountains to share magic cargo,

New worlds, navigating the New World

Opining the merits of Oriental opium masses.

Pretty Camellia, came to play in the Garden of

Quiet England, quintessential reserve, its

Rear-gunner not resisting, no rearguard action.

Spitfires and squawks none, society instead

Taking high tea, tall tales like friends, absent

Uniforms no, unification yes,

V for Victory,

Winston’s two fingers, well, two sugars or one?

X on the calendar, X every eleventh of November

Yes, we will remember. Young the lost Rosy’s, the lost Lee’s.

Zulu Oscar, over and out, we won, tea won.

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