We source our teas from a variety of different British companies, all of whom specialise in offering something a little bit different, tea you won't have tried before, unique blends, new concepts, and some teas that are just completely unexpected! We've included a little bit of information about each company below!


Tregothnan Tea

The Tregothnan tea estate is located near Truro in Cornwall, and, somewhat surprisingly  it is considered to be one of the very best tea regions in the world. It has a cool climate and an inimitable uniqueness which is essential for the best teas.

Tregothnan was the first place to grow ornamental Carmellia outside some 200 years ago, and it is these centuries of experience combined with a unique micro-climate that has lend to the cultivation of the tea plant Carmellia Sinensis, and the first tentative tea experiments in 2000. Tregothnan sold their first cup of Classic Tea in 2005 and now offers a range of four black teas, a green tea and a growing range of herbal and fruit infusions.

With Tregothnan only being sold in select locations in the UK including Fortnum and Masons, and Claridges, we are exceptionally proud to be able to include Tregothnan teas as our standard tea bags offered in PostTea Gift Boxes,