Dark and Stormy

If the winer cold is getting you down and you'd rather be somewhere warm, this new black tea blend will transport you straight to memories of cocktails on a Caribbean beach!

Malty black assam is blended with dried ginger shards, bronzed sugar pieces, angostura bitters and natural flavour to create a zingy yet sweet tea that's perfect for a mid-morning motivator.

Enjoy with a little brown sugar to enhance the ginger flavour!

INGREDIENTS assam tea, bronzed sugar pieces, ginger pieces, angostura bitters, natural flavours.
Use around 3g of tea (about a teaspoon) in fresh boiled water left to cool to around 100C. Leave to brew for three minutes, then enjoy. A little sugar will help draw out the cinnamon flavours.
CAFFEINE LEVEL: Medium, between 27-35mg per cup
ORIGIN: From multiple origins.

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