Formosa Fancy Oolong

This oolong tea is classed as a 'fancy' tea, one step down from the White Tip Oolong which is a 'super fancy' tea. This tea doesn't have as many white tips as the higher grades, but it still carries that distinctive, sweet and fruity flavour of a high quality oolong.

A great quality oolong like this Formosa Fancy will yield two wonderful infusions. The tea need only be brewed for 1-2 minutes to get the freshest flavour. Just remember to remove your tea leaves once the tea is brewed to ensure a successful second infusion.

INGREDIENTS 100% high quality formosa fancy oolong tea
Use around 3g of tea (about a teaspoon) in fresh boiled water left to cool to around 80-85C. Brew for 1-2 minutes, remove the leaves, but keep them for a second infusion. For your second infusion, brew for 3-4 minutes.
CAFFEINE LEVEL: Medium, between 27-35mg per cup
ORIGIN: Pei Pu, Taiwan

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