Pina Colada Tea Caddy

"If you like Pina Colada" - but don't always want the alcohol, this is the tea for you!

Coconut and Pineapple are blended with super fine oolong tea to create a sweet and summery blend that's perfect whatever the weather, even in the rain! Your Pina Colada Tea comes packaged in a kraft packet, and contains around 45g of tea, enough for about 15 cups of brewed Pina Colada. Once opened, you should either fold the kraft packet round and fasten with an elastic band, or tip the tea into the caddy.

The tea caddy set also contains a fine mesh ball tea strainer for fuss free loose leaf brewing.

made from:

INGREDIENTS: Formosa fancy oolong tea, dried coconut shards, dried pineapple chunks, natural coconut and pineapple flavours.


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