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Spiced Fruit Cup

This tea makes it's debut in our 2016 Advent Calendar of Tea, a welcome addition to your Autumnal range of teas and infusions!

Sencha style green tea is blended with dried strawberries, rhubarb pieces, dried ginger, blackberry leaves and natural flavours to create a rich, fruity blend with an aftertaste of zingy ginger, delicious with a little added honey, or cooked into a syrup to serve over vanilla ice cream.

INGREDIENTS chinese sencha style green tea, strawberry pieces (2%), rhubarb pieces (2%), dried ginger (1%), blackberry leaves, natural flavour.
Use 3g, around 1 tsp per cup, and brew at 85C for around 2-3 minutes. We prefer a 2min brew and a second infusion from the leaves. Delicious!
CAFFEINE LEVEL: Medium - between 27 & 35mg per cup.
ORIGIN: From multiple origins.

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