Summer Cup

There's nothing better than a long, cold glass of something fruity and refreshing on a hot Summer's day. Our newest cocktail inspired tea will help quench your thirst first thing in the day before it's socially acceptable to partake of something a little stronger.

Sencha green tea is blended with a medley of summer fruits and zingy spearmint leaves to create this refreshingly sweet brew.

INGREDIENTS sencha green tea, summer fruits (strawberry, papaya, raspberry, rhubarb, watermelon, cucumber, apple and orange), spearmint, rose petals and natural flavour.
Use around 3g of tea (about a teaspoon) in fresh boiled water left to cool (around 80C). Leave to brew for three minutes, then enjoy. Add a little sugar for extra sweetness if needed.
This tea is also delicious served as a cold brew, or made into a syrup or base for cocktails. Keep an eye on the blog for further recipe ideas!
CAFFEINE LEVEL: Medium, between 27-35mg per cup
ORIGIN: From multiple origins.

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