Advent Calendars


Chai Spiced Granola

September 08, 2016

I’m refusing to believe that we’re not expecting an Indian Summer over the next few days, and my thoughts are still firmly on light summery foods. If you follow our PostTea Instagram page you may have seen this breakfast bowl I posted a few weeks ago, but I didn’t fully describe how this bowl was made, and so I’d like to introduce you to my totally yummy, homemade, chai spiced [gluten free]* granola. Hurrah! Making your own granola is so satisfying. Not only can it be significantly better for you than shop bought blends but you only need to put in the grains, seeds, nuts and fruits that you like, rather than having to avoid those super hard dried raisins...

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Introducing: 2016 Advent Calendar of Tea

August 10, 2016

  INTRODUCING…. 2016 Advent Calendar of Tea: Hurrah! It's finally AUGUST, and finally time to talk about Advent - our favourite time of year! We've been pretty quiet about our 2016 Advent Calendar so far this year, and have been super restrained in posting sneak peek pictures - you'll see there are none in this post - we'll add them tonight when the full reveal is shown at 7pm on the PostTea socialsphere. THE APPEARANCE: The main difference to last year’s calendar comes in the colour of the individual packets. We’ve adopted a ‘winter wonderland’ theme this year and so the packets are made from a matt white kraft packet, rather than last year’s brown kraft paper. Like last year...

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